Our Story

Amanda & Stacey

Who We Are

We both grew up in small town country environments, where life is simple, friendships are life-long and entertainment usually involves a place somewhere down a country road. 

Amanda has always had a gift for bringing groups together for events, and spares no time in getting the fun and games started.  She magically connects with people and will laugh and cry with you.  I, on the other-hand am a little more reserved, but have mustered up the courage a time or two to belt out a song with the band.   To sum it up, we love people and love to have fun.  We hope to see you either walking down the aisle, raising a glass in celebration or joining us in a sing-along around the campfire. 

The Natural Choice

Please know that my wife and I have played an intimate role in every decision made in the building of the venue.  From the creation of the architectural designs of the barn and gazebo, to selecting the sawmill to cut and dry the posts and beams. We have spent hour upon hour talking to construction experts and venue owners to make the absolute best choices we could make.  We took the road less traveled and built a real wood barn when many thought we were crazy for not wrapping a metal building with wood or not buying a kit. It has taken us a little longer and probably cost a little more, but we wanted it to be as natural and as real as possible. We are so thankful for the Amish families that have made our dreams a reality.

We feel so blessed to take what God has shared with us, so that we can share with others.  Be warned, when you come to The Hills of Luella, you just might get grafted into our little family.  We love people, and love making memories!

Amish Built